Chapter 191 You Can Sure Hold Your Alcohol, Miss Jiang

Once they got to the private room, they discovered that Jin Fengchen was also there. Sitting next to him was Su Qingyin.

"Sister Sese, it's President Jin!" Xu Na whispered into Jiang Sese's ear.

Jiang Sese looked away. She didn't expect the world to be so small as to run into these two during a client meeting. Everything that happened early in the morning surfaced in her mind, making her a little frenetic.

She forced herself to calm down and entered the room like nothing was wrong.

Su Qingyin wasn't expecting to see Jiang Sese at this meeting either. The light in her eyes dimmed. "It's because of this woman that Jin Fengchen abandoned me several times."

She was worried, but on second thought, Jiang Sese was now on bad terms with Jin Fengchen. "So what if they meet here?"

"What a coincidence, Miss Jiang! I don't meet clients with Fengchen very often, so it's quite a surprise to run into you!" Su Qingyin went up to Jiang Sese, greeting her with a smile and pretending like she wasn'
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Judith Stone Bacon
I love this story, but need to reach the end. Please give us new chapters and end the suspense. Thank you it is a good book but too many bad guys too many confrontations.
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Emily Ortega
where are the succeeding chapters fir today? i have been excitedly waiting, but when i checked no new chapters! please release the chapters for today, time is precious.
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Arlene Casas
Until what chapter before her past revealed?soooo a bit boring..

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