Chapter 195 She Told Him to Spend Time with Another Woman

Upon entering the venue, Qin Mulan pulled her father aside and asked, "Dad, how did you get to know Miss Jiang?"

Additionally, the two seemed so close. As his daughter, Qin Mulan had never seen him like an outsider this much.

The old man laughed. "By chance. The girl likes tea. I quite like her. She's learned about tea at my place for quite a while."

Qin Mulan frowned. To think that the old man would teach someone else about tea. She couldn't help looking at Jiang Sese. "Just what is this woman capable of, that she could completely win over my son and grandson, and now even my father?"

But, she didn't say anything and glanced at Su Qingyin instead.

Su Qingyin looked as graceful as ever, even though she was going mad with fury on the inside. She thought that Jiang Sese wouldn't show up at the party, so she could take the chance to earn Grandpa Qin's favor and make him support her marriage with Jin Fengchen.

However, not only did Jiang Sese show up, but she even had such a close re
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