Chapter 196 It's Obvious That You Like Me

"Jiang Sese, you're making me mad on purpose, aren't you?" Jin Fengchen asked.

"Of course not. I'm just telling it like it is. Miss Su is your fiancée, isn't she?"

"Fiancée? Have I ever said this?"

"No? Why would you accompany Miss Su to do a pre-pregnancy checkup then..."

Jiang Sese had no idea what was wrong with her either. Jin Fengchen was unhappy, so was she. She just said whatever that came to mind.

Her words reminded Jin Fengchen of something. "Was Jiang Sese also there at the hospital then… No wonder! Her attitude changed after that day!

"Did she think I was planning to have a child with another woman? Is this why she has been avoiding me? Am I not worthy of even one ounce of her trust?"

"Jiang Sese, do you really not know my feelings for you?"

"Sorry, I don't. If you're just having a bit of fun, please look for someone else. I'm not interested."

Jiang Sese's tone was flat, but only she knew how frantic she was. How could she not know Jin Fengchen's feelings for her?
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