Chapter 225 The Huge Difference in Treatment

Qin Mulan said, "I've carefully picked these for you. Take a look and see if you like any of them. If you do, find some time and ask her out..."

As she spoke, she handed him a stack of photos, which were pictures of young socialites of all shapes and sizes!

After taking just one look, Jin Fengchen frowned. "Mom, what's this supposed to mean?"

Qin Mulan said calmly, "What do you think? Raising Xiaobao alone is a lot of work and I want to find you a suitable woman."

Jin Fengchen frowned, and then said indifferently, "You don't need to do that."

Seeing how clear his attitude was and recalling how he had been involved with Jiang Sese these days, Qin Mulan was displeased. She reminded him again, "I'm doing this for your own good, as well as Xiaobao's. Do you want him to remain a motherless child?"

Jin Fengchen looked at her in resignation.

He checked his watch for the time, feeling that he was wasting his time here.

Seeing this, Qin Mulan naturally found Jiang Sese even more repulsi
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Hey you might lose our interest in your novel you are so slooowwww in releasing the next chapters
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oh please can we wrap this up with the right ending. And soon. Cannot wait to read more.
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more chapters please. it's so tiring to have to wait for long time for new chapter

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