Chapter 229 Determined to Win

Looking at Jin Fengchen from behind, who had coldly turned away from her, Su Qingyin suddenly had a malicious look in her eyes.

She didn't have to rack her brains to know that Jiang Sese had something to do with this. Su Qingyin swore that she wouldn't let that woman off so easily.

Since Jin Fengchen wanted to chase her away, Su Qingyin knew better than to pester him and stay here.

She couldn't wait for even 15 minutes.

With a gloomy face, Su Qingyin indignantly yanked the door open and left the office.

She packed up her things as quickly as she could, and then promptly left the Jin Group without saying goodbye to anyone.

After getting back home, she locked herself in her room and wouldn't open the door no matter who was knocking at it.

Mrs. Su was concerned, worrying that Su Qingyin might starve herself if she went on not eating or drinking like this.

Mr. Su seemed to have a faint idea of what had happened and guessed that his daughter had probably fallen out with Jin Fengchen
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Teresa Williams
you have lost a customer
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Teresa Williams
the story line has become boring it the same thing over and over we know the ending you have spoiled a good book
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Samantha Thompson
They only update 2 chapters a day ?

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