Chapter 325 She Will Confess

Su Qingyin wouldn't confess.

"Why wouldn't she? Since she's already back and arrested."

Jiang Sese couldn't understand what on earth Su Qingyin was thinking.

Li Ming confessed everything. The police had proved that she was behind all of it. But she just wouldn't confess.

"You have to ask my brother about it," Jin Fengyao said, tossing grapes into his mouth and looking in the direction of Jin Fengchen.

"What do you mean?" Jiang Sese didn't follow.

Jin Fengyao took his time to swallow the grapes and then said in no hurry, "Su Qingyin won't confess if the Su Group is not back to normal."

"That's what's going on."

Jiang Sese thought for a moment and asked all of a sudden, "Fengchen, what are you going to do?"

Jin Fengchen turned around when he heard it. His handsome face was calm and then also he replied in a calm manner, "She will confess."

"She will?

"How can he be so sure?

"Or does that mean that he won't make it hard for the Su Group anymore."

Jiang Sese had way too many q
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