Chapter 324 Su Qingyin Arrested

What was going on with the Su Group was all over the news. There were also economic reports asserting that it seemed like the Su Group would not be able to make it this time.

The Su Group witnessed many of their employees resigning at the same time.

When Su Qingyin read the news from abroad, her face got so pale that it looked horrible.

"Jin Fengchen made a move on the Su Group!"

"Qingyin, are you okay?" Wei Ziheng looked at her with concern.

Su Qingyin locked the screen of her phone and raised her head to look at him. Then her lips twitched and it seemed that she was about to say something, but in the end, she didn't.

"Qingyin, you can say whatever you want to."

Wei Ziheng held her hands in his and spoke to her softly.

"Ziheng, let's go back."

Su Qingyin squeezed her hands tight. She said that to him after being silent for a while.

"Go back?" Wei Ziheng frowned and asked, "But we just managed to get out, and you want to go back now?"

He couldn't understand why she was tossi
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