Chapter 337 Fine, I Promise You

Su Qingyin left the country.

After Mr. Jin and Mrs. Jin heard about Jiang Sese's decision, they both felt very surprised.

However, they quickly remembered that being the kind girl she was, doing something like that was nothing out of the ordinary.

With that, the incident could be considered to have finally come to a close.

Jiang Sese began directing all her focus towards work. She had to produce an excellent promotional material plan within two weeks.

Lu Zheng sent her the company's product.

After she received it, she tried it herself, and had Mrs. Jin use it too, before recording all of Mrs. Jin's thoughts on it.

Once she began working, she had lost all track of time. Sometimes, even when the butler had gone upstairs to call her down several times for meals, she did not go downstairs at all.

After this happened a few times in a row, Mrs. Jin became very worried about Jiang Sese's health. She took the opportunity of bringing her some fruit to gently scold her.

"Sese, we're all
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