Chapter 336 Don't Be Happy Too Early


Mrs. Su heavily slapped her hand across her face.

Jiang Sese almost jumped in shock. Even Jin Fengchen, who was usually cool and unfazed, was startled, his gaze trembling.

Wasn't she just a bit too willing to hit herself!

Jiang Sese saw that Mrs. Su's cheek was a painful red and even had an obvious handprint on it. She clicked her tongue.

"Miss. Jiang, it's all my fault for shooting my mouth off like that. If you're angry, then I'll..."

Mrs. Su raised her hand once again, ready to slap herself.

"Wait." Jiang Sese hurriedly stopped her.

Mrs. Su did not really want to hit herself either, but rather wanted to sound out Jiang Sese's attitude. As such, the moment the latter opened her mouth, she stopped immediately.

"Miss. Jiang..." Mrs. Su gazed at her expectantly.

"Uh..." Jiang Sese thought for a moment before saying with great earnest, "Slap yourself on the other cheek; the one on this side is already swollen."

"Huh?" Mrs. Su was stunned.

She... had told her to stop,
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I dont think this is about SeSe's baby anymore... or X... its just about how many people can blame one person for their misfortune and bad behavior and the fact that SeSe can raise from the dead more often than Jesus could.

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