Chapter 342 Bend Over and Kiss Her

Song Qingwan was overwhelmed with emotion after she came out of the cube.

She had no idea that the people she had been working with everyday could be so relentless behind her back. It seemed that she should feel grateful for what had happened, for it gave her a chance to see those people's true selves.

From now on, they would be her colleagues only and not friends.

Song Qingwan wasn't too upset about this. She only decided that she would have some reservations around those people from now on.

She let herself go the night before, which was very rare for her. All that alcohol still made her temples throb.

Patting some water on her face, Song Qingwan tried to smile at herself in the mirror. She only cheered herself up after she didn't look so pale, then went back to her post.

"Where have you been? The head nurse was here looking for you. Go see her in her office," said one of her colleagues when she got back.

Song Qingwan nodded, then went to knock on the head nurse's door. "Did yo
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