Chapter 341 How Shameless

That exclamation woke everyone up from their shock, and Song Qingwan hastily jumped off the bed, then stood on the side, looking flustered.

That cry woke Jin Fengyao up as well. He lazily strolled over from the sofa and said carelessly, "So what if she slept there? Big deal."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Jin, for neglecting you like this. I'm so sorry." Song Qingwan spoke up at that moment, apologizing to Jin Fengyao. She didn't expect to black out like this when she started drinking the night before.

"Do you even have the integrity as a medical worker? Is this how you take care of your patients?"

"Do you know how this will affect our hospital if this gets out?"

Despite her apology, the doctor and the head nurse still condemned her loudly.

Song Qingwan buried her head into her chest. Jin Fengyao couldn't bring himself to see her so aggrieved, so he stood up for her.

"There, there. Don't be so hard on her. I told her to stay behind and keep me company yesterday. Plus, she was off duty at the
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