Chapter 338 Return It Ten or Hundred-Fold

"Hehe!" Jin Fengyao chuckled. He had always been talkative. Looking at Song Qingwan's beautiful side, he suddenly said, "Alternatively, you can give me your number instead."

Song Qingwan paused, taken aback for a moment. Then, she replied in a joking manner, "There's no way I'm giving you mine. I have a boyfriend, you know."

A hush fell over the room all of a sudden.

Jin Fengyao was briefly stunned, but then he broke into a grin. "That's a pity. I was still thinking about giving you a chance. After all, there aren't many people like me who are suave and rich heirs."

"Heirs like you who are so full of themselves are quite a rare sight as well," Song Qingwan added on the inside. Merciless, she replied, "Well then, thank you for your kindness, but I don't need it."

"Saying something like that really hurts my heart." Jin Fengyao clutched his chest and pretended to be upset.

Song Qingwan could not help but let out a laugh. She had never seen a joker like Jin Fengyao before.

"So, what
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She’s not changing his medications; only the treating physician ( use that word instead of doctor and attorney instead of lawyer when upper socioeconomic classes are speaking) allowed to allowed to alter which DRUGS a patient is given in the hospital. Nurses change surgical dressings or bandages.

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