Chapter 344 Can You Take Me with You

Jiang Sese appeared a little dispirited on their way back. Because of what had happened, she wasn't in the mood to go sightseeing anymore.

Tugging at Jin Fengchen's sleeve, she said, "Fengchen, let's go back. I'm a little tired."

"Sure," Jin Fengchen agreed right away in a gentle voice.

He knew that the incident had more or less upset Jiang Sese, so he led them back to the hotel with Xiaobao riding on his shoulders.

Xiaobao wasn't ready to go back yet, but seeing that his mommy really looked tired, he didn't object and did as he was told. Still, today was the happiest day in his life so far.

Jiang Sese quickly cleaned Xiaobao up after they went back to their hotel room, then took a nap with Xiaobao between her arms.

Jin Fengchen went out to buy them some cakes and found the two of them sleeping soundly in bed when he got back. He found it to be such a satisfying scene.

He went over to the bed, carefully tucked the duvet around the mother and son, and then lay down next to Jiang
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