Chapter 382 I Missed You

When he woke up the next day, Jin Fengchen casually clicked on the finance section of the news and was momentarily delighted by the news reports he saw.

But after scrolling through it all, he seemed to feel like it was still not enough and proceeded to click on the stocks section. Only after seeing the Stephen Group's stocks plummeting did he feel at ease.

At the same time, Ji Chen, who was still at the five-star hotel, received news of the situation and was utterly shocked. He had never expected Jin Fengchen to be so capable.

He had initially thought that Jin Fengchen only had power within the country and had not expected his reach to extend that far. It had only been one night! Even he himself, Ji Chen, did not possess such great ability.

Ji Chen was still in his room, perplexed, while the higher-ups of the Stephen Group could not hold themselves back any longer. They did not know if the incident was an unfortunate coincidence or someone's plot against them, but once Ji Chen had
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