Chapter 387 I Can't Be at Ease

Watching Jiang Sese's retreating figure, Zifeng was very angry. Even now, she didn't understand what Jin Fengchen saw in that woman.

Her unruly and stubborn personality was difficult for others to accept.

Having finally seen Jiang Sese go through the door, Zifeng felt that she had completed the task that Jin Fengchen had assigned to her, so she left.

She didn't like being with Jiang Sese. If not for Jin Fengchen's special request, she wouldn't go near that woman at all.

This time, Jin Fengchen only ordered her to take Jiang Sese home. Now that her task was completed, naturally, she didn't have to stay any longer.

Furthermore, she really was worried about Jin Fengchen.

As Jiang Sese walked in, Xiaobao immediately came forward. "Mommy, you're finally home. I've missed you."

Jiang Sese hugged him back, and then led him to his room. In a low voice, she asked, "Have you been good while Mommy and Daddy were away?"

Xiaobao immediately replied seriously, "Mommy, you can relax. I've bee
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