Chapter 384 Ensure His Safety

Song Qingwan was currently doing her shift at the hospital. However, she could not help thinking about what Jin Fengyao had said before. She was a little afraid and scanned her surroundings, but did not see anything.

When she had finally made it through to the end of her shift, Song Qingwan dragged her tired body along with the intention of returning, but on her way there, it felt like someone was behind her. However, she was uncertain about it and could only turn around to anxiously look behind her.

At the same time, though, she was also afraid that there really would be someone behind her, and thus she could only quicken her pace, then she stopped from time to time to sense if there was the sound of footsteps behind her.

It was unbelievable that the street she was on was extremely quiet. It seemed as if Song Qingwan was being overly worried for nothing.

When she returned home, Song Qingwan thought carefully about what had happened on her way back. It did somehow feel like she was
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