Chapter 389 Being a Pair of Star-Crossed Lovers

Jin Fengyao wasn't an idiot. He knew what the woman mercenary wanted him for.

He called the number and the female mercenary immediately picked up.

"If you don't do exactly as directed on the message, I'll kill this woman."

As she spoke, she drew a blade across Song Qingwan's arm. Song Qingwan sucked in a breath, but didn't make any sound.

Hearing Jin Fengyao's voice on the phone, she felt much more at ease and not afraid because she knew that he would definitely rescue her.

Just earlier, the female mercenary had pricked her with a needle and slowed her reactions.

As a medical student, she knew that the woman had injected chlorpheniramine into her, which could dull a person's senses. Fortunately, she had drunk a lot of chrysanthemum tea before coming, so the effects wore off quickly.

But to prevent the female mercenary from noticing anything, Song Qingwan continued to put on an act.

Hearing silence on the other end of the phone, Jin Fengyao tightened his hand around his phone an
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