Chapter 383 Are You Looking down on Me?

After they had spent some time being lovey-dovey with each other, Jiang Sese tactfully let him go. Although he was one of them, she could not possibly keep hindering his work.

Once Jin Fengchen left, she returned to her own post and entered her work-crazy state. Since she could not help him in other areas, she would do her best for her department's work.

Jin Fengyao, on the other hand, was not being affectionate like the two of them. Due to the incident from the night before, he had not managed to sleep. He had struggled to get through the night and only managed to doze off at dawn.

Song Qingwan went over to Jin Fengyao's place as usual after work. When she pushed the door open and called him a couple of times, there was no response.

She could not help feeling a little suspicious. Normally, Jin Fengyao would have already been complaining loudly about how he was starving to death. Why was it so quiet today?

Song Qingwan was still unaware of what had happened in the compound just th
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