Chapter 395 I Still Have Plenty of Strength Left

Lying there, Jin Fengchen looked so exhausted, and it pained Jiang Sese to see him like this.

Caressing his cheek, Jiang Sese sounded worried when she said, "Fengchen, you've lost so much weight lately. When is it going to end?"

Jin Fengchen chuckled, turned around, and pulled her into his arms. He then said gently, "How much weight could I have lost? It's only been a couple of days. I've been busy—that's all. Everything will be all right once this is over."

Jiang Sese wrapped her arms tightly around Jiang Fengchen as though he would disappear if she let go of him.

"I know that you're working on something that's both arduous and dangerous, but Fengchen, I don't want anything happening to you. All I've ever wanted is for our entire family to stay safe."

Jiang Sese sounded genuinely worried when she said that. Jin Fengchen knew what she was worried about, and that was why he didn't want her to know what he had been working on.

After kissing her in the forehead, Jin Fengchen slowly
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Fe guau didn’t trade places with Song Qingwan. Early on, he offered to, but ultimately, his role was to bring the male assassin for hostage exchange.

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