Chapter 409 Dream On

Jiang Nuannuan scoffed at Lan Sichen's expression and said, "Take it as it is. That old man left all of his shares to Jiang Sese before his death."

"She's currently the biggest shareholder of the Jiang Group. If you want to annex the company, you'll need her agreement; however, the will required Jiang Sese to be married before she could inherit the shares."

Lan Sichen sank into contemplation. No matter how much he schemed, he couldn't have imagined this hiccup.

Jiang Sese was so well-protected by Jin Fengchen these days that he wouldn't even have a chance of meeting her.

He wouldn't have left her if he knew, but it was too late for regrets.

He glanced at Jiang Nuannuan and found her to be incomparably disgusting. When it came to temperament, she was no match for Jiang Sese at all.

"I understand. You may leave now," Lan Sichen said coldly.

Facing such a cold Lan Sichen, Jiang Nuannuan stood up and said resentfully, "Lan Sichen, are you going to abandon me after using me?"

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