Chapter 413 Don't Blame Me for Doing Shady Things

At the same time, Lan Sichen was sitting in his office with a glass of water in his hand. His finger tapped against the surface of the cup as his eyes stared at the message on his phone.

The contents of the message were related to the matter of the Jiang Family's inheritance. Lan Sichen's lips curled as he smiled wickedly.

"Who would have thought that old Jiang patriarch would leave behind such a trick? It's very unexpected."

After he put down the cup, he drove to the Jiang Family home. When he reached the building, he called Jiang Nuannuan's number.

"I'm downstairs, come down."

Hearing Lan Sichen's voice, Jiang Nuannuan was so excited that she couldn't speak, and she immediately ran downstairs.

"Sichen, what's wrong?" Jiang Nuannuan asked in confusion.

Lan Sichen just opened the passenger side door. "We are going to go find someone. It's related to the inheritance that your grandfather left behind."

Hearing that it was related to the inheritance, Jiang Nuannuan became interest
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