Chapter 410 Hundredfold Payback!

Jin Fengchen immediately ordered an investigation to verify Shen Shulan's claims.

Within half an hour, he received the investigation report from his subordinate.

It turned out that Old Mr. Jiang had left a will bequeathing Jiang Sese all his movable and unmovable property.

That included all of his Jiang Group shares. As the founder of the company, he was naturally the biggest shareholder.

Even the house that Jiang Zhen and Shen Shulan were staying in belonged to Jiang Sese. They were merely occupying a nest that wasn't theirs.

That was why Shen Shulan had shown up and caused a fuss.

Jiang Sese became emotional after reading the report; her grandfather had sacrificed so much for her without telling anyone.

Jin Fengchen hugged her shoulder and let her lean on him. "Since these things belong to you, I'll definitely get them back for you. Right now, let's have our lunch before it gets cold."

Jiang Sese calmed down and nodded.

After lunch, Jin Fengchen called someone to track down
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goodnovel comment avatar
Mary T Mclaughlin
oh that's a good twist .. what's sese going to do to get payback for all she's suffered
goodnovel comment avatar
Marianne Jewell
I was not expecting Sese to own it all

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