Chapter 412 Loving Gaze

After leaving the civil administration building, Jin Fengchen did nothing but stare at the photo in the little booklet and smile to himself like a big child.

Jiang Sese couldn't help nudging him.

"What are you smiling about so stupidly?"

Hearing her speak, Jin Fengchen picked her up and excitedly said, "I have a wife. I've finally gotten married!"

His happiness pulled Jiang Sese in, and she hugged his neck as she laughed.

Who would have thought that the lofty President Jin, who held the commercial life of this city in his hands, would be as happy as a child right now?

After a moment, Jiang Sese was put back down and she said, "All right, Fengchen. We should quickly tell this news to the family."

"All right. Everything will be as my Madam Wife desires," Jin Fengchen said obediently as he bent his head to rest on her shoulder.

At this time, Jin Fengchen's phone rang. After looking at the name on the display, he pressed the speaker button.

The moment the call was connected, Jin F
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