Chapter 417 Emerge Unscathed

Jiang Sese visited a nearby supermarket to get a fruit basket. After that, she went to the hospital and headed straight to Jin Fengyao's ward.

He appeared to be in a playful mood, and he raised his brows when Jiang Sese entered, "Only you, sister-in-law? Where's my brother? I hope he's not off jollying by himself."

Jin Fengyao has only had the white ceiling above to look forward to whenever he woke up since he landed in the hospital. For days he would stare at the white ceiling, much to his boredom and dismay.

If there was anything that could have added flavor to his tiresome and dull confinement, that would be the prospects of seeing Song Qingwan every day.

Only, Song Qingwan had her duties as a nurse to keep her busy. She could not stay by his side all day. In the end, he decided that he would sooner die out of the monotony of boredom before he would die due to his injury.

Jiang Sese scowled with an amused grin, "Woe betide you if your brother hears any of this..."

He rolled hi
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