Chapter 474 The Carrot-and-Stick Approach

Li Houde was the great master of this generation. He was essentially the kind of legend that only existed in books or on TV who was beyond the reach of ordinary people.

This great master had no interest in electronic devices and seldom surfed the internet, neither could he care less about the groundless gossips on the Web. However, he had actually registered for a Weibo account!

The netizens had initially thought that it was an imposter. When they saw that the account had been verified, they were at last thoroughly convinced.

Master Li's home page had only one post: "The Little Master of the Jin Family is my last disciple. Also, this is my little disciple's usual work when he practices."

A picture of a nine-grid calligraphy paper was attached.

Li Houde's Weibo post was compendious and had the bearing of a great master, just like his temperament.

When the netizens clicked on the image, they were instantly astonished. This, this was the work of a five- or six-year-old child?

"Oh m
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