Chapter 473 Genius Persona

Xiaobao was the champion and everyone in the family was overjoyed.

Jin Fengchen had specially made a reservation at the best restaurant in the North City to celebrate his son's victory.

Xiaobao's prize included an award certificate as well. When they returned home, Mr. Jin hung it up in the living room and placed the trophy on the cabinet in the living room. In any case, all the guests would be able to see it as soon as they entered the house.

This was supposed to be a joyous event, but people distorted the facts out of malice again.

As this was a major competition, the local media had also reported about it. After the competition, they swiftly edited the news and published it.

This had always been the case in previous years. Usually, people would just skim through the news. Upon knowing that such a competition had took place, this matter would then come to an end. However, it was different this year because there was an issue with the champion of the children category.

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