Chapter 700 Just Wait And See

“A little.” Jiang Sese frowned.

Jiang Sese did not look too good. Talking caused the wound to hurt again.

The anesthetics had worn off and she felt overwhelming pain.

She did not feel it while she was unconscious for the past few days, but she started to suffer when she awoke.

Seeing her wince, Fu Jingyun also felt distressed and wished the pain upon himself instead of her.

Jiang Sese unconsciously looked behind Fu Jingyun.

When Fu Jingyun entered, she thought she glimpsed a familiar figure.

Was it him? Why did he not come in?

However, she immediately rejected this conjecture of hers. Jin Fengchen was back in China, thousands of miles away from here. How could he be here?

Yes, he was hurt so deeply by her. Why would he come back?

Sensing her sadness, Fu Jingyun called out to her doubtfully, “Sese?”

Jiang Sese snapped back to reality, muttering, “Yes, what were you saying?”

Seeing the disorientation in her eyes, Fu Jingyun did not think much about it and brushed it off as h
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Angela Stevens
Shocking you have put the price up...tha t is disgusting....please do not use the author as an excuse I am totally appalled Good Novel after I have read this book I s shall never return to read your books again I will read from the book clubs that do not charge as much as I you.

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