Chapter 704 The Blood Alliance

Ying Tian and He Shuhan had not walked far when they heard the commotion. They hightailed and rushed over. What greeted their eyes was the bright red patch of blood on Jin Fengchen's shoulder.

Nevertheless, Jin Fengchen’s expressionless face made them think that the blood was not his.

The two were unsure whether to be shocked or suspicious. Ying Tian then saw the bullet hole on the wall and instantly turned furious.

Using such disgusting tactics of sending an assassin… If the bullet had found its target, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.

“I’m gonna blow the head off the person who did this!”

He Shuhan also had a grim expression as he walked over. “Young Master, are you alright?”

As he got closer, He Shuhan smelled the strong stench of blood.

He raised his head and looked toward the angle out the window where Jin Fengchen was staring.

“It just grazed me. He got away,” said Jin Fengchen casually.

From the loss of blood, he was slightly pale.

“I’ll get someo
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