Chapter 706 What Is There To Erase

He Shuhan observed her movements and sneered, but remained silent.

Zi Feng greeted him softly, “Team Leader.”

“Don't call me that. I'm not your leader,” He Shuhan replied coldly.

He initially had high hopes for Zi Feng, as she was one of the only few women. Now, there was no room for mercy.

Zi Feng bit her lip and her face calmed again.

Knowing that there was no use talking, she took the lead.

The two started fighting.

Zi Feng's movements were nimble. Her punches were swift and vigorous.

However, her opponent was He Shuhan.

At the time, He Shuhan had various major fighting championships under his belt.

Moreover, there was a gap in their physical strengths as man and woman, and Zi Feng quickly fell behind.

She was very anxious, reluctant to be caught like this. She said in a hurry, “Team Leader, what say you let me go this time. I’ll repay you if I have a chance.”

He Shuhan was not as cold-blooded as Jin Fengchen. As team leader, he usually cared for his team members.

Zi Fe
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