Chapter 701 Cause Panic

This day, Gu Nian brought over the sorted documents and knocked on Jin Fengchen’s door.


“Chairman, this was the information that came back.”

Gu Nian handed over the tablet.

“Zi Feng’s trail vanished at this point. It was as if someone was protecting her. Also, this incident with Zi Feng was extremely confidential. To have it leaked, I suspect there is a mole in the company.”

After delivering his report, Gu Nian stood aside and awaited further instruction from Jin Fengchen.

Jin Fengchen’s face was gloomy and expressionless as he just stared at the blinking red dot on the display screen.

He had been hearing about the company’s internal affairs the past few days, but had no time to deal with it.

Now that Jiang Sese was no longer in immediate danger, it was not time to settle these tedious matters.

He shut the tablet, then clasped his hands together.

Seeing Gu Nian’s eyes perk up, he said, “He had succeeded this time. He will definitely attempt it again in the future. Le
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goodnovel comment avatar
Rizza Toquillo
another expenses await for us ha ha ha turn to next page please so that we know the situation of Sese if she's already in the state of recovery for her amnesia.
goodnovel comment avatar
Analisa Defensor Aspa
looks like this is another diversion from the main topic, another twist to the story and another addition to our expensess...why not focus only to the recovery of sese's memory? we readers would be very happy by then

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