Chapter 708 The Consequences Could be Disastrous

The next day, in North City, Jin Fengyao was sitting on the sofa and dialing Jin Fengchen's private number, but even after a few rings, no one answered. He gradually became restless.

With no other alternative, he had to call Gu Nian.

Gu Nian was still in the group and was puzzled upon seeing Jin Fengyao’s call.

He answered the call, but before he could utter a word, Jin Fengyao did not wait and blurted, “Gu Nian, why can’t I get through to my brother’s number? Did something happen to him?”

Jin Fengyao's worries were not unreasonable; he had not heard from Jin Fengchen in the past few days.

Gu Nian hesitated, before replying a few seconds later, “The Young Master is using another number. I will send it to you later.”

Jin Fengyao quickly replied, “Okay, thank you.”

After hanging up, he received a string of numbers from Gu Nian.

Jin Fengyao dialed the number. This time, the call connected unimpeded.


Jin Fengchen's deep voice came from the other end. At the time, a nurs
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Debbie Magee
Where’s the rest?
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Tammy Evans Moore
Sese and her daughter MUST be reunited with Fengchen and Xiaobao. Xiaobao needs Sese!
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Sheila Rose
The issue of reading in bits is just irritating.Why do that yet we are paying to read?coulant we read and get over the book once and for all?

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