Chapter 796 He Was Afraid

Fu Jingyun had not seen Jiang Sese for a few days. He was also worried for her health.

By his estimate, it was time for her to take her dose. If she did not take it, he feared something would happen.

He was worried that Sese would not come, so he pulled the sympathy card, “My mom and dad have been asking about you and Tiantian constantly. If you guys don’t come, they’ll be really disappointed.”

When Master and Madam Fu were brought up, Jiang Sese had no way to refuse.

The two old folks just wanted to see her. If she kept on putting it off, it would make her seem extremely ungrateful.

“Okay, I’ll go back.”

The moment he heard Jiang Sese agree, Fu Jingyun hung up.

Jiang Sese stayed in the bathroom for a while before heading back out. The moment she opened the door, she met with Jin Fengchen, who was standing right outside.

“You’re up?” She was slightly surprised.

Jin Fengchen was a lot more alert after his nap.

Even though his hair was still a mess and he had not shave
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