Chapter 800 Still Fall In Love With This Man

Catalina struggled to breathe with his hand around her throat. She began to panic when she realized he had no intention of letting her go.

The man’s strength made it impossible to slip away. Her hands flailed wildly. She was breathing like she was drowning.

“I’ll…talk, you, you…let me go!”

Fu Jingyun released his grip and said darkly, “Tell me.”

“The medication was given to me by my superior… I don’t know anything, there’s no use looking for me!”

When he heard that, Fu Jingyun felt despair well up in his heart. Those people would never give him the antidote considering how sadistic they were.

Jiang Sese’s body was already full of pathogens, but they were now mutating. Everything was headed in an unknown direction…

Seeing the twisted expression on the woman’s face, he suddenly smiled.

“If that’s the case, the more the merrier. I’ll make you suffer the same pain she’s suffering…”

As she spoke, Fu Jingyun pulled out a glass vial from his pocket. Catalina’s face instantly c
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Estelle Britz Niem
How much more chapters? Cause seriously... This is getting boring

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