Chapter 802 Send Her To Her Death?

A moment later, Catalina’s phone rang.

Seeing the phone number displayed, Catalina instantly and respectfully answered.

“Boss, I’ve forwarded the research reports to your inbox.”

On the other end, Bo Gelian yawned sleepily and said, “Yes, I’ve received it. Are there any issues with Fu Jingyun’s background?”

When she heard this, Catalina answered truthfully, “No, it’s the same as our previous investigations. He was born into a rich family, and his focus has always been on medical research. He now wants to join and cooperate with us.”

Bo Gelian received the appropriate reply and leisurely opened his inbox, “Let me see his reports… Hm, not a bad analysis.”

Very soon, Bo Gelian’s pleasantly surprised voice came from the other end of the line. “He actually managed to study our newest pathogen quite aptly! He really is a medical prodigy! His research is very good. We should let him join our research facility for a trial! According to his report, this Jiang Sese is an important pe
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carol Mitchell
butt out lady!! Stop pushing him.
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Pimmy Roan
This is getting boring now
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Marifel Chavez
oh.. and another this. again and again and again. but i like how you make me so angry.?

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