Chapter 83 Doleful

"I'm sorry. I guess my well-being is no concern of yours."

Jiang Sese turned brusquely and left.

She knew very well that "a cornered rat will bite a cat"—the Jiangs and Lans would never look kindly upon her behavior today. And she could bet that reprisals upon her decision to not help them would surely be answered with ugly reprisals from them. Still, their threats were not enough to force her to plead to Jin Fengchen for them.

She could not afford to add fuel to the fire of their egotistical narcissism, lest it grow even stronger.

Lan Sichen stood quietly, watching Jiang Sese's back retreating further and further away with a hateful and venomous stare.


Jiang Sese decided that perhaps she should just go home. The chance encounter with Lan Sichen had done enough to deflate her enthusiasm and she no longer had any interest to meet any other real estate agents today.

She was walking past the sliding doors of a shopping mall entrance when she saw a familiar figure.

It was Jin F
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