Chapter 843 I Am Here To Take You Home

Pregnant women need to conduct many cumbersome check-up procedures.

Fortunately, the two little ones were sensible. They sat aside and obediently ate their snacks.

“Tiantian and Xiaobao are so well behaved,” Jin Fengyao said as he looked at the usually loud, noisy, and uncontrollable children.

Jiang Sese smiled. She looked at Tiantian and Xiaobao; the smile on her face only grew deeper.

By the time Song Qingwan was done with her check-up, it was almost noon.

“Wanwan, what do you want to have for lunch? Or do you want to go home to eat?” Jin Fengyao asked softly, for fear that Song Qingwan would be hungry.

Jin Fengyao perfectly embodied the phrase ‘slave to one’s wife’.

“Uncle, I want pizza!” Tiantian exclaimed in a muffled voice, still chomping down on her bun.

“Me too!” Xiaobao followed after seeing that his sister had spoken.

Jin Fengyao gave the two children a funny glance, then ignored them.

He turned back and asked Song Qingwan again.

Realizing that behaving adorably h
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