Chapter 844 There Were No Ifs

When she saw Jin Fengchen, Jiang Sese’s face instantly lit up.

It was completely different from the distant expression she had for Jiang Zhen.

As soon as Jin Fengchen approached the table, Tiantian eagerly jumped off the chair, ran over, and hugged his leg. She then raised her head and said in a cute voice, “Daddy, I missed you so much!”

The coquettishness of his little princess was the deadliest.

Her words pierced Jin Fengchen's heart. He bent down and picked the little girl up into his arms.

Jin Fengchen’s expression was gentle as he pinched Tiantian’s delicate and fair face. “Were you a good girl when you were out with Mommy today?”


“I was a good boy too, Daddy. Tiantian and I said thank you when Grandpa gave us red packets!”

Xiaobao jumped out of his seat and held up the red packet Jiang Zhen gave him, asking to be complemented.

Jin Fengchen rubbed his head. “That’s a good boy.

“Let’s go, Sese.”

Jin Fengchen reached out and took Jiang Sese’s small hand.

“I’ll be
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Jiang Zhen followed closely behind...

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