Chapter 845 High Fever

Fang Xueman tapped Jiang Sese on the forehead and looked at her in amusement. “You’re a mother of two and you’re still trying to act cute.”

“Why not? In your eyes, I’m still a child,” Jiang Sese frowned as she retorted softly.

The mother-daughter duo continued chatting for a while in the living room. A while later, Madam Jin rejoined them.

The two little ones were playing around in front of Madam Jin and Fang Xueman, while the adults chatted on the couch.

The topic then switched to Jiang Sese.

“Sese, how long do you plan to stay here this time around?”

Madam Jin was holding a plate of fruit and feeding Xiaobao while she asked Jiang Sese.

Jiang Sese pursed her lips and thought about it.

It was rare for her to return home with Jin Fengchen and she had not thought about when she would return to France.

Madam Jin’s sudden question made her seriously consider her options.

“I plan to stay for a longer period of time. If possible, I want to settle down here,” Jiang Sese said after
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