Chapter 847 See Aunty Again

The moment Fang Yuchen said this, the astonishment in Jiang Sese’s heart increased.

Similarly, Jin Fengchen’s face also had a somewhat shocked expression.

His thin lips opened slightly as he said in invitation. “It turns out you’re from my mother in law’s family. Why don’t we go inside and chat.”

Fang Yuchen came here for a purpose. When he heard the invitation he naturally thanked Jin Fengchen politely before nodding.

As they passed by the living room, Master Jin and Madam Jin were slightly surprised at the sight of the stranger before they nodded at him politely.

When they entered the study, Jiang Sese took a seat on the sofa and pushed the loose hair away from her ears uncomfortably. “I’m sorry… I’ve never heard my mom bring up her side of the family so I’m quite surprised to hear who you are.”

That was the truth, she knew nothing about her mother Fang Xueman.

After the both of them had been reunited, Fang Xueman had never brought it up and she had never thought to as
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