Chapter 849 I Fear It Will Not Be Peaceful

Jin Fengyao finally concluded, “Strictly speaking, the influence they wield is comparable to our own.”

The surprise in Jin Fengchen’s heart intensified. He was silent for a few seconds before he asked, “What’s the situation like in the Fang family right now?”

Jin Fengyao was unsure why his brother would ask but he still answered.

“Recently the Fang family is in strife. Old Man Fang’s health is failing and the other members are starting to fight over the succession. It’s very messy.”

This was completely unlike their parents who only had two children who had no ambitions over gaining control. They just wanted to be with their wives.

Jin Fengchen frowned when he heard this and thought about how Jiang Sese was to go over there in a few days.

Jin Fengyao looked at him curiously. “Bro, why did you ask this out of the blue?”

“Your sister in law’s mother is from the Fang Family from the capital.”

Jin Fengyao was stunned. “What a coincidence.”

It was inconceivable that someone
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