Chapter 855 Someone Like Daddy

In the blink of an eye, the day before Old Man Fang’s birthday party had arrived.

Madam Jin and Master Jin had finished their holiday, and had brought the two children home.

The Jin household returned to its usual boisterousness.

Jiang Sese had carefully picked out what the family would wear to Old Man Fang’s birthday party.

The next day…

Jiang Sese got up early, knowing the two kids could at times be late risers. She did not even have time to wash up first before she rushed to their room, and by each hand, dragged both Tiantian and Xiaobao, who were still fast asleep, out of bed.

Xiaobao was more obedient; he went to wash up by himself.

Tiantian was younger, and she was still half-asleep while Jiang Sese brushed her teeth and washed her face for her.

A child’s vigor was often boundless, and Tiantian had shaken off her sleepiness after washing up.

At that moment, there was the pounding sound of running on the upper floor, followed by the sound of laughter.

“Big broth
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