Chapter 901 Not Suitable To Drink With The Opposite Sex

Qisha’s eyes widened. She exclaimed in surprise, “Why would you want it destroyed? Aren’t you collaborating with them? What’s going on?”

Jin Fengchen did not interrupt Qisha’s barrage of questions.

Since Jin Fengchen had requested her help, he did not intend to hide his intentions from her and said frankly, “My cooperation with the SA Group is that I provide them with the medicinal herbs. They ,then make the drugs…”

Jin Fengchen briefly explained his cooperation with the SA Group. Qisha quickly figured out Jin Fengchen's plan.

She could not help but rub her chin. “Jin Fengchen, you really are a despicable person.”

This was not a compliment; it could even be considered derogatory, but Jin Fengchen did not pay it any heed.

“What you think does not concern me,” said Jin Fengchen as he tapped the window sill with his index finger.

Qisha snorted in retort, “This was a mutual transaction between both parties. Now you want to destroy the goods after you sold to them. What is it worth t
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