Chapter 902 The Pathogen Has Spread

Jin Fengchen quietly listened to her as the smile on his face grew wider. As he was about to speak, he heard Tiantian’s adorable voice from the other end.

“Is that Daddy on the phone, Mommy?”

Jin Fengchen smiled when he heard this, but remained silent.

He heard Jiang Sese reply in a soft voice, “Yes, how did you know?”

Tiantian climbed up onto her lap and said with a smile on her beautiful face, “Of course, Mommy looks so happy, she must be talking to Daddy, right?”

Jiang Sese did not realize that Tiantian was so observant. She nodded and said, “What a smart girl. You’re like a little Sherlock Holmes.”

“Tiantian wants to talk to Daddy too!”

Tiantian crawled up into Jiang Sese's arms. Her stubby arms grabbed the phone out of Jiang Sese's hands, “Daddy! This is Tiantian! When are you coming back? We all miss you!”

Jin Fengchen’s heart instantly melted and he whispered, “Daddy will be home after he completes his work, okay? Tiantian must be a good girl and listen to Mommy.”

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