Chapter 909 Family Set

He Shuhan acknowledged the instructions. He chatted with Jin Fengchen for a while more before he left.

Only Gu Nian and Jin Fengchen were left in the room, which had returned to it’s original silence.

Jin Fengchen leaned against the chair, somewhat tired. He massaged his brows, thinking of what he had discussed with He Shuhan just now.

If they could find what they were looking for, that would be great.

However, if they could not…

What would become of Sese?

Gu Nian looked at Jin Fengchen who was still silent, and he asked, “Young Master, when will we be returning home?”

Jin Fengchen collected his thoughts and said, “Not too soon. Qi Sha hasn’t made a move yet.”

He missed Jiang Sese and the two children a lot.

However, for the sake of Jiang Sese regaining her health, he had no choice but to abandon his feelings. He had to finish this first.

Gu Nian nodded in response. “That’s right, over the past two nights Qi Sha has been making moves, constantly looking for the pers
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