Chapter 907 Secret Investigation

What secrets did this passcode-locked door hide?

Just what exactly was behind it?

Faced with Jin Fengchen’s questions, John simply said apologetically, “This is an important research area, and it’s restricted to outsiders. Our primary concern is that if you come into contact with any important samples and contaminate it by accident, it would be an irreplaceable loss. I hope you can understand, Mr. Feng.”

When Jin Fengchen heard this, he nodded. “That’s understandable. Safety first.”

When John saw that Jin Fengchen did not press the matter, he sighed with relief. “I’m glad you understand, Mr. Feng.”

As he spoke, he seemed to have a thought. He looked down at the watch on his wrist. “It’s almost noon. Do you have time to stay for lunch Mr. Feng?”

“If you’re the one inviting me Mr. John, of course I do.” Jin Fengchen replied.

They smiled at each other and left the research facility.

Jin Fengchen, John and Pierce went to a Chinese restaurant. John looked around at the Chine
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