Chapter 906 The Next Door

A hint of curiosity flashed across Jin Fengchen’s eyes when he heard this. “What could this place be?”

The fact was, he more or less knew what it was.

However, he did not mind playing along with John and act as if he really had no idea.

He was just a regular businessman.

The elevator soon stopped on the seventh floor.

A long and wide hallway greeted their eyes, completely different from the marble floors of the lobby a moment ago. The white tiles shone as if they were emitting light, it was all very mysterious.

There was no luxurious decor like the lobby, Jin Fengchen guessed that this must be the place for drug research.

John saw the puzzled expression on Jin Fengchen’s face and proudly rubbed his chin. “This is the research headquarters of the SA Group.”

Jin Fengchen pretended to suddenly realize it. “No wonder why it looks so mysterious. I would never have guessed that it is a research laboratory. You have opened my eyes to a whole new world.”

John laughed loudly. “It’s not
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