Chapter 908 Better Safe Than Sorry

That night, at the hotel.

Jin Fengchen was quietly sitting on a chair. There was a laptop in front of him, and there was information about underground research facilities in Italy displayed on the screen.

Meanwhile, Gu Nian was seated on the sofa. There was someone else next to him. It was He Shuhan.

The lights in the room were on and it was so quiet one could hear a pin drop.

At that moment, there was a clear knocking at the window.

Jin Fengchen clearly heard it, but he ignored it. He continued to scrutinize the information displayed on the screen intently.

It was Gu Nian who hurriedly drew the curtains and saw the black-clad figures hanging on from the window. At a glance, it was rather startling.

Gu Nian was very calm. After he opened the window, he took a few steps back. The two black-clad men climbed in and began to undo the ropes around their waists.

These were the specialists who had infiltrated the SA Group’s research facility. The only thing different about th
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