Chapter 923 Move Tonight

The next morning, Xiaobao and Tiantian ran over to Jin Fengchen and Jiang Sese’s room as soon as they woke up.


The two children missed their mommy after not seeing her for nearly an entire day.

They immediately ran towards Jiang Sese who was still lying in bed.

Seeing this, Jin Fengchen quickly stopped them. “Mommy isn’t feeling well, don’t wake her up.”

When Xiaobao heard this, he immediately stood still.

Tiantian peeked out of Jin Fengchen’s arms, her large eyes that were the size of grapes gazing at Jiang Sese. They were full of curiosity. “What’s wrong with mommy?”

“Tiantian, be good, mommy’s just a little bit sick. She will get well very soon.”

Jin Fengchen patted the heads of the two children lovingly.

The kids walked to the side of the bed. Xiaobao’s face was full of worry. Tiantian reached out her little hand and touched Jiang Sese’s forehead.

She then said softly, “It’s not hot, mommy doesn’t have a fever.”

She was pretending to be an adult. Jian
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