Chapter 951 Act With Restraint

“Uncle Fang Teng, cousin.” Jiang Sese greeted them politely.

“You’re here, come and sit.” Fang Teng beckoned them to take a seat.

After everyone was seated, Fang Teng spoke first. “Why did you arrive so late?”

“No, they arrived in the afternoon, but they were accompanying dad and Xueman in the hospital.”

Shang Ying said as she began serving the soup.

Fang Teng smiled. “You guys are too kind.”

Jiang Sese smiled, but said nothing.

“Here, Sese. Have some soup.” Shang Ying handed a bowl of soup to Jiang Sese.

“Thank you.”

Jiang Sese took a sip of soup. At that moment, Fang Yuchen’s voice could be heard in their ears. “Fengchen, after dinner could I take some of your time?”

His tone was cautious, as though Jin Fengchen was somebody to be feared.

Jiang Sese frowned slightly. She looked up and said before Jin Fengchen could reply, “Cousin, we’re all family. You don’t need to be so reserved when you speak to us.”

Fang Yuchen paused for a moment before he smiled. “I’m no
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