Blood Lust A Vampire Clan Series

Blood Lust A Vampire Clan Series

By:  Cassandra Davy  Ongoing
Language: English
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A dark romance, vividly grotesque, morally questionable, fate-defying, vampirically induced tale of happily ever after. With a little bit of dark humor, of course. ****** Tessa was one of the best assassins for hire, she lives for the thrill of the kill. The blood of her victims never tainted her subconscious. Until one day there was a threat to her life. She had three months to live. Tessa was doomed, she had tried everything and she knew she couldn't get out of her impending death. And what did Tessa do when she only had three months to live? She made a bucket list. She had been busy with her lust to kill that she didn't get to live a normal life, after all, she was a psychopath. Within weeks numbers were being crossed off from her list, from having tacos for breakfast, the morning after sex, and somewhere on the list was falling in love. Tessa wrote that as a joke, but deep down she wanted to feel it, she wanted to be able to love someone before she died. Fun fact: Psychopaths are almost incapable of truly loving another. Will Tessa manage to cross everything on her list? ***** The Angel of Death, that was what they called him. Nero Severus Xerxes was a vampire King who was among the oldest. Nero had taken lives, he had taken humans, vampires, and other supernatural beings. Yet none would challenge him. He was a possessive bastard, he was a ruler, a sadistic male who protects what was his. One day Nero was faced with the most beautiful woman with a strange view of death. She even had a bucket list. As a vampire King who had lived a thousand lives her careless attitude intrigued him. Will Nero fall for her?

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Cindy Sta Ana Policarpio
i love the plot! i hope it gets more reads ..
2023-10-20 23:24:50
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Christine Owings
58 chapters 9/15/23
2023-09-15 22:39:36
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
58 chapters 8-26-23
2023-08-27 01:11:26
58 Chapters
Vampire King's Little Killer - 1. Borderline Epiphany
Currently, there is no standard test for psychopathy in children, but a growing number of psychologists believe that psychopathy, like autism, is a distinct neurological condition — one that can be identified in children as young as 5.TessaI knew there was something different about me since I was a kid. I had been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder at a very young age. As a little girl, I got into trouble on school grounds a lot. My privileged parents might just set off my behavior, maybe, you know, being young and borderline and all. Some even said it was genetics. There was this one time when I watch a boy stumbled, knowingly tripping his leg will cause him to fall. At that instance, I wanted to see him as his hands break his fall and his palms came in contact with the asphalt. I didn't feel any remorse as my teacher told me I should. I just told her that I wanted to see how he reacted. I wanted to hear his pain and I tilted my head watching him closely, when his eyes
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Vampire King's Little Killer - 2. Beauty for Hire
Definition of Psychopath:: a mentally unstable person especially: a person having an egocentric and antisocial personality marked by a lack of remorse for one's actions, an absence of empathy for others, and often criminal tendenciesTessa"Okay I'm being nice, I'll let you choose, right or left."The man whimpered, shaking like a leaf, probably pissing his pants off by the smell of it. I stood to his front, clicking the steel cutter waiting for him to choose which pinkie finger he was going to let me cut.Ted, the sleazy bartender decided he can steal liquor from his boss Ardian Kreshnik Dovolani, the Albanian mob boss from one of the ruthless crime families in the country. The newly hired bartender didn't know who he was messing with, and the boss didn't take lightly to people who stole from him. Ted thought stealing two crates of top-shelf liquor will just get him sacked and went to jail for a couple of months. The pale-looking guy was desperate for money and he didn't think when
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Vampire King's Little Killer - 3. To Kill A Man
Asphyxiation: deprivation of oxygen that can result in unconsciousness and often death : an act of asphyxiating a person or animal or a state of asphyxia.Tessa I ran after him, the bastard had the nerve to punched me and make a run for his life. Well, to be fair I was about to torture and kill him, so running away was a thing people do in time of panic. This morning the boss had instructed me personally to kill one of his member who was a snitch. Nope, no cutting fingers for the tattletale, instead he said to kill him and make him suffer and confessed everything on tape. So I did, I was setting up my confession booth and camera when the guy managed to wiggle and set himself free. My mistake since I haven't bound him properly and now I'm paying it by playing cat and mouse with him in the abandon factory building twenty miles away from the city limits. The man couldn't survive this but he sure did make me work for it and I was not happy about it. "Come out, come out wherever you a
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Vampire King's Little Killer - 4. Bloodlust
Bloodlust: : the desire to kill or to see people killedNero There was no intention for me to go to the abandoned factory site, but the screaming and stench of fear were too intriguing for me to pass over. And then as I was getting closer the woman's voice pulled me nearer. I could hear her threatening the man with her smooth voice. There was a menace within her words, the evil behind her threats made the man oozes fear for his life.She was human, I could hear her heart beating excitedly as she spilled out her intimidation. It was in contrast to the male who was practically whimpering from her questioning. Then the smell of blood grew in the air, sweet blood induced in fear from the male strapped to a single chair in the middle of the room. The woman was whispering in his ear, and pressing the tip of her knife to his torso down to his stomach while her other hand gripped his throat almost choking him. The image was too alluring, it made me hard just to watch her from afar. Her br
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Vampire King's Little Killer - 5. Lust at first sight
Lust:1 : usually intense or unbridled sexual desire : lasciviousness 2a : an intense longing : b : enthusiasm, eagerness. 3 obsolete. a : pleasure, delight.TessaThe feeling stayed, I knew someone was watching me. The whole fucking night. I was not threatened, but I was so goddamn curious. Until the man showed himself the second my assailants were trying to mug and force me to hand them the keys to my bike. I almost laugh if not for the mysterious man who decided to step out of the shadows. Well...well...The guy was dressed in all black, my favorite color. He was tall and pale, so fucking pale that I could almost see the veins on his flawless face. His eyes were so strikingly intense, it was like he was poking into my soul. Weird. The man looked poised, and elegant as if he was too cool for the parking lot. He seemed like he belonged in a Venetian mansion, all dark, pale and mysterious. His gaze was studying me, he did not interrupt as I handle the two lame guys and sent them ou
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Vampire King's Little Killer - 6. Field Trip
Mafia: A hierarchically structured secret organization allegedly engaged in smuggling, racketeering, trafficking in narcotics, and other criminal activities in the U.S., Italy, and elsewhere. Tessa"You shouldn't challenge him," Chad reminded me. "What? I would never, well, maybe I did...but the man was such a pussy." Chad was lecturing me about the importance of keeping peace in the workplace. I mean seriously, I was an assassin what do you expect? morning coffees and discuss their gold-digging wives? Honestly, I was not missing much with my co-workers, I was glad not to be on their boss's monthly payroll with daily obligations and stuff. Never been one of those who come to the office everyday types of people. "You know better than to let the boss invite me here, I'm okay with you being my handler. I am satisfied with our communication via phone so I don't have to look at your ugly face. I love it, even more, when you texted." I smirked, knowing Chad was actually just like his nam
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Vampire King's Little Killer - 7. Family Ties
Definition of Vampire: A mythological undead creature said to feed on the blood of the living.NeroIt has been days. I could still savor her sweet metallic blood on my tongue, and since drinking victims made vampires get a taste of the human's desire and deepest thoughts I have sampled her lust for blood. The robust flavor lingers on my taste buds. I've fed in between but none was making my thirst subside. I craved the little killer and it was not a good thing, not for a vampire as old as myself. Because when one gets obsessed, nothing else matters our instincts will win and the monster will surface. Tonight was not a good night, not when I was scheduled to attend a meeting discussing the sudden rise of dead bodies on our west sector across the river. Vampires are creatures of hierarchy, they are expected to be obedient to their leader. They followed the rules, they know the consequences, and when too many bodies started showing up drained of blood there has to be someone responsi
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Vampire King's Little Killer - 8. Theories
Framed: Produce false evidence against (an innocent person) so that they appear guilty.TessaI've always considered myself a team player, at least that's what I want people to think of me. In actuality I just wanted them not to bother me, I'm a very individual person. Always has been.Rules are meant to be broken, but I'd never intentionally do so if it'll put me at risk. Once again, I was in my comfort zone with the current situation. I'd never do something stupid as being a snitch.So when I was accused of tipping information to the authorities I was truly offended. "Why would I want to do that? what's in it for me, Chad? you can't be serious?" I couldn't say that I was mad, well, maybe annoyed. But I was surely bothered and in my mind, I started listing people who might benefit from my downfall, those whose pinky fingers were missing will be my prime suspects."Honestly, I don't even know. I just heard about it today. I'm telling you to watch your back. It's not that I'm defendi
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Vampire King's Little Killer - 9. To Care
Caring: to have an interest or concern forSynonyms for caring:looking out (for), minding, watchingNeroI did not intend to greet her, I was content with watching her from afar. But when the little killer leaned on to the filthy wall I realized something was not right with her. Driving her car was also not my intention, but seeing young vampires creeping closer and smelling the blood scent carried by the wind I know I need to get her out of there. Not that I didn't believe she couldn't handle herself, but I assumed she was not feeling like herself at that very moment. Also, I didn't have time to deal with the younglings not when she told me that someone wanted her dead. I get that she killed people, humans have this fascination with money. They even killed for money while they preach about saving human lives, equality in war, and all that shit. What I've come to learn was that death had succumbed to currency, it was my little killer's job. Yes, she's mine. She didn't know it yet,
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Vampire King's Little Killer - 10. Hot Stranger
ForeplayErotic stimulation preceding sexual intercourse TessaWhen a hot stranger takes you to his place, and let him use his shower to wash away the blood of your latest kill you should be thankful right? So thankful that you let him kiss you? How about letting him have sex with you? Well, my vote is yes and yes. I was too fucking horny to care anyway and the man in my arms was hot as fuck. Mm... we'll get to that later, but first."You're a true temptation and I know you're well aware of that." He nibbled my ear, his voice laced with desire, and his mouth was tingling my skin causing goosebumps I rarely feel when I was getting into foreplay. Nope, my body craved the final ending, the climax. But with Nero... fuck, even his name sounded hot. With Nero, I wanted his seduction, when his teeth grazed my neck I could swear the man growled like an animal in heat. Fuck yes...I could hear myself moaning, it sounded so dirty. Forget about porn, I was hearing desperation, such neediness s
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